Where Do I Go to Buy Fresh Seafood & Fish?

Fresh Fish & Seafood

We’ve got some great seafood available to us around here, by any standards. However, we’ve narrowed it down to just four dependable sources to buy fresh fish and seafood for you to cook at home. All of them are good, they have beautiful product, rapid turnover, competitive prices and all of the accessories (spices, recipes, etc.) needed for a sensational meal. Which one you frequent depends more on geography than anything else – choose the one with the best location for you. Mangia bene! Eat well!


Here you go with the list…….


Randy’s Fishmarket Restaurant

10395 Tamiami Trail, N.

Naples, Florida       34108

(239) 593-5555


Randy’s has a few benefits. One is that the operation includes a really busy restaurant so the turnover of the fish and seafood is very quick. Nothing is going to sit around at all. Also, the business is open 7 days a week with restaurant hours so, anytime you’d be thinking about buying fish or seafood they are going to open for purchasing from the fish counter. Another plus is that they have a bunch of recipes available as well as their own recipe book for sale. In addition, they will ship seafood and their popular key lime pie wherever you want by calling or going online. You’ll find the website for Randy’s below but, the direct site for online ordering is their  www.paradiseshrimponline.com  website. Just FYI, Randy’s opened a new location in Bonita Springs at 25010 Bernwood Avenue (that phone number is 239-949-6001) serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. That location has a fish market, too, and the place is called Randy’s Paradise Shrimp.


Swan River Seafood & Fish Market

3741 Tamiami Trail, N.

Naples, Florida       34103

(239) 403-7000


Swan River is another place with that huge benefit of having a busy restaurant operation that keeps the product inventory turning over frequently. You’ll find them on the same side of Route 41 as Randy’s but, farther south before you get to Park Shore Drive. They are located in the middle of a strip center on the west side of Tamiami Trail – if you’ve passed the Naples office of Downing-Frye, you’ve gone too far. You’ll find some prepared foods and salads in the display window that will  make you salivate – avoid going there while you are hungry! You can expect them to have red grouper, black grouper, mahi, several snappers, gorgeous tuna, sword fish, salmon, tilapia, seabass, scrod for you New Englanders, sole, halibut, pompano, flounder as well as scallops, mussels, live lobsters, oysters, steamers and different clams. They have a New England connection so, you may recognize the business or have a comfort level with the restaurant side of the business.


Captain Kirk’s

629 8th Street, S.

Naples, Florida       34102

(239) 263-1976

If you are downtown, then Captain Kirk’s may be the best location for you. They are located just off of Fifth Avenue South on 8th Street, South. They have a restaurant side of the business, too. However, they just serve lunch until 3pm and they are closed on Sundays. Hence, think and plan ahead if Captain Kirk’s is going to be your choice for fresh fish or seafood at home.


Rode’s Restaurant & Fish Market

3756 Bonita Beach Road

Bonita Springs, Florida       34134

(239) 992-4040

If the northern end of town is a more convenient loction for you, then check out Rodes which sits on the north side of Bonita Beach Road between Route 41 and Vanderbilt Drive. They have it all like the other establishments listed above including some of the biggest shrimp we’ve ever seen in our lives. In addition, there is a small grocery store under the same roof so there are a lot of things you can pick up there for one-stop shopping while you’re buying your fish or seafood. Before you lose track of time staring at the different fish in the display window, take note of the shelves with spices & marinades and the prepared foods in the glass coolers. By the way, they have outstanding key lime pie that is ready to go in boxes located in the back corner of the grocery section.

Bon appetit!



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  1. Geoff Kelly says

    Thank you so much for the the list and comments regarding the seafood markets. Extremely helpful.

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  2. Yvon says

    This is a great list. I love going to get seafood at restaurants, but I want to learn to make it myself, you know. For sure, if you want to get the exciting stuff like whole shrimp and squid, you need to go down to the markets. I am excited to get started making some great food!


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